New Mod!

Hi everybody! I’m a new Mod here on the blog, my name’s Olivia, but you can call me Alpaca. I’ve only been on Quotev for three months, but imma try real hard to help all you peeps out!

/You should also realise I end up typing stuff like this for no apparent reason hahahaha/

If you are having any troubles whatsoever, please send them into the ask box and we’ll try to answer them ASAP!

My Quotev:

maddiespongebob asked: How can I get into my quotev account? I've tried signing in and it says 'Wrong Email or Password'. I've tried restarting my computer too, and that didn't help. Please help me. Quotev is my life

Are you sure you’re typing the correct information for your email or pasword? First, make sure your caps lock is off. if you type in all your information and it still says the same thing, there is a chance your account may have been deleted. try searching up your account. if it still pops up when you type your url to it, try having your password sent to your email by hitting the “trouble logging in” option on the log-in window. if it turns out your account has been deleted, message quotev personally to try and get your account back. to do this go here

Hope this helped. xx

i’m not going to be on here and posting very often anymore so yeah

it’d be cool if you went and followed my personal tumblr (X).

Title: Baby Love *A Drake And Josh Story*

Drake and Michi have always been together from the start. They were like peanut butter and jelly. But one night of making love was all it took to change everything forever. Now the two teenagers are going to become parents at the age of 16. What is going to happen?



i’m going to try and add stories to my fic rec on here, but i haven’t really read anything lately so if any of you know of any good stories of any kind please send me a link and i’ll read & add it.

it can be yours, a friends, someone who you really like on quotev, ect. it just has to be a story on quotev.

and theres a very good chance it’ll get added, so send!!!! if you have any questions just send me a message!!

ALSO; i’m still looking for someone to help co-own this blog! if you’re interested let me know!